Tools for evaluating quality

Monday 9:00AM
  • Actual standards in the world, their similarities and differences
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Chemical testing
    • How to interpret test results
    • Fast methods, cost effectiveness, and other practical issues
  • Developing a Quality Assurance program
    • Buying
    • Monitoring
    • Keeping everyone honest
  • Education for staff and customers
    • Learning to value quality
    • Learning to use quality

Olive varieties and agronomy

Monday 9:00AM
  • a. Producing countries and main varieties
  • Orchard management affecting olive oil quality.
  • PDO and Organic production

Chemical compounds related to sensorial attributes

Monday 9:00AM
  • Volatiles (positive and defects)
  • Polyphenols
  • Pigments

Harvest, postharvest and milling factors affecting olive oil quality

Monday 9:00AM
  • Olive ripening
  • Harvest and postharvest techniques
  • Milling steps

End users requirements

Monday 9:00AM
  • Olive oil cooking behaviour
  • Relevant information (labelling, packaging, shelf-live)
  • Food pairing
  • Olive oil health

Sensorial analysis methodology

Monday 9:00AM
  • Physiology of sensory perception
  • Basics of tasting. Main defects and secondary defects. Reference samples
  • Positive attributes and secondary descriptors. Reference samples
  • Training on intensities

Main varieties from the world

Monday 11:45AM
  • Spain & Italy
  • Portugal & Greece
  • Other countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, France, California, Australia, South America...)

Blends and flavoured oils

Monday 11:45AM
  • Designing blends as real practice
  • Flavoured oils by different methods (examples of agrumati, cold infusion, hot infusion, essences)

Detecting low quality oils

Monday 11:45AM
  • Tired samples
  • Cross-contaminated samples

Oils with international awards (winner oils)

Monday 11:45AM
  • The Mario Solinas profile sheet and other tasting protocols

Making standards work for us

Monday 5:00PM

A panel discussion on the practical aspects of regulatory standards. Which ones to use when REAL quality is the objective. Label issues related to standards – what do you do when the country (USA) has no meaningful rules?

Functional oils

Tuesday 5:00PM

What do we do about them? Many people are being told to eat olive oils they don’t really like in the name of health. We will taste oleocanthal-rich oil samples.

Olive oil in restaurants

Wednesday 5:00PM

How do we get rid of bad restaurant olive oil and bring in quality? Get a few food professionals in for this one (BARGALLO, UNIO, SOVENA...)

Envisioning a better quality future

Thursday 5:00PM

A collective brainstorming session and discussion on how to build moving forward; a time to talk about dangerous rhetoric versus positive messages. Share resources and encourage cooperation.

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Olive oil food chain and quality

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Oils from Portugal

5:00PM - 6:00PM