Agustí J. Romero Aroca


Dr. Agustí J. Romero, Msc (Agri) Specialized in pomology from University of Lleida, Spain. Researcher of the IRTA’s Food Division since 1987. His work is focused on virgin olive oil extraction and quality, olive orchards designs and nuts processing and quality. Since 2000 he is involved in mill technology improvement programs, supported by Catalan Government, concerning 46 olive mills and more than 50.000 ha of olive orchards.

A.Romero is co-author of one book about olive cultivars in Catalonia, the chapter about olive oils from Spain in the just published Olive Oil Sensory Science Book (Ed.Wiley 2014) and several parts in technical books on olive oil, sensorial food analysis, hazelnut production, etc. Co-author of more than 60 scientific reports and more than 80 articles of divulgation. Now, he works in several research projects on olive oil, hazelnuts and almonds, and participles in some R+D projects funded by privates. In addition, he is an expert assistant for the international Olive Oil Council (IOOC) relative to olive germplasm repository banks.

Professor in several master courses: “experto en cata de aceites” University of Jaen; “gestión e innovación de la industria alimentaria” University of Lleida. He collaborates regularly with “Escuela Universitaria de Hotelería y Turismo” (University of Barcelona) and “Escuela Superior de Hostalería de Barcelona”.

Member of the official olive oil taste panel of Catalonia (Spain), he contributed to its formation and currently is responsible for its continuous training under ISO-17025 regulations. He has designed special training strategies for many tasting panels in several countries (Argentina, Chile, Germany, Morocco, Spain and Turkey).



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Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne


Based in California, Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne is an international olive oil consultant, writer and educator. She has written on many aspects of olive oil for both popular and scholarly publications and is the author of the reference book Olive Oil: A Field Guide. An official olive oil taste panel member since 2003, she has been involved in organizing and/or teaching olive oil courses at domestic and international venues since 2004. She also serves as a judge and advisor at numerous olive oil competitions at home and abroad.

She is co-founder of Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA) an international non-profit trade association dedicated to olive oil quality. EVA works to inform the trade and consumers about olive oil, to connect consumers and quality extra virgin olive oil producers, and to celebrate the rich culture and culinary use of this extraordinary food.

Paul Miller


Paul Miller is an agricultural scientist with over 35 years working as a researcher, industry leader and farmer.

His research background is in plant physiology, chemistry and the climatic responses of fruit trees and grape vines. His commercial interests are in the olive oil and wine industries where he has overseen the development and management of large scale farms in Australia. He consults to businesses in the olive industry in several countries and is a regular invited speaker about olive oil around the world.

Paul helped to lead the development of the Australian olive industry as President of the Australian Olive Association from 2001-2015. His focus has been olive oil quality, authenticity and overcoming fraud in the marketplace. Paul spearheaded the development of the Australian Standard for Olive Oil (AS5264-2011) introducing effective science to better define olive oil quality for the trade and to help prevent fraud. Paul is a founding member of the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) Expert Committee on Olive Oil and an invited founding member of the Division of Olive Oil, Euro Fed Lipids society. He is an invited member of the United States Pharmacopeia committee on olive oil standards of identity.

In January 2012 Paul founded the Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA) based in California along with the US expert Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne. EVA is a unique not for profit group of olive oil producers and experts from 15 countries on 5 continents dedicated to the promotion of and education about extra virgin olive oil. EVA’s mission is to help unlock the value of this unique ancient natural food for consumers, producers and the modern supply chain. EVA’s assertion that there is money in quality olive oil offers a fresh perspective and solution in the face of a historically fraud-ridden industry.

Paul frequents olive oil producing and consuming nations. He understands this complex and ancient industry, its technology and the trade. He has a passionate belief that the production, delivery and marketing of authentic quality olive oil products are the keys to success for all in the supply chain - olive oil producers, the trade and consumers.

Jaume Biarnés


Jaume Biarnés is the head Chef of Alícia Foundation, responsible food lab. A culinary research centre in which scientists and chefs work together in practical projects to improve people’s life quality, promote quality food products and do R+D for companies and entities. Alícia Foundation works since 2003 and was the very first culinary research centre of it’s kind in the world.

Jaume Biarnés was graduated in culinary school in Barcelona and has worked in different restaurants, caterings and pastries at a highest level (El Bulli, Escribà, Vilaplana, Casino de Madrid) but also in humble and traditional places (Club Nàutic de Calafell, Marisqueria Casa Duro, Camping Solsona). As a Chef in Alícia he has collaborated with major food industries in Europe and developed projects of strategic promotion of products and tourism. He has been invited to different Universities to give lectures (Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Yale University) and also has been senior adviser for the European Comission in Brussels.